How to learn new skill remotely During Pandemic

How to learn new skill remotely During Pandemic

In recent years, web designers have become quite popular mostly due to rapid technological advancement. However, web designing is not as simple as it seems and there are several skills that you need to master. The best time to master these skills would be during this COVID-19 pandemic since you most probably have a lot of free time. In this article I will take you through how to learn each of these skills remotely amid this pandemic.

1. Visual design

Your visual designing skills need to be advanced to make it as a good web graphic designer. Visual design is the subtle art of picking the right design principles that will enhance the feel and look of a site. Coursera offers free in-depth classes on visual design that you can access remotely. The beauty of this site is that you get to do everything online and they also offer certificate and degree programs.

2. Website UX

Have you ever been to a website and everything seems just simple and well-arranged? Well, the UX refers to user experience and is the feeling you, the visitor, get when browsing through a website. It is an influential factor that you need to start learning if you want to improve your skills in interface design. To start learning website UX consider visiting Hackdesign and get started today. It is completely free and there are a lot of resources that you could use from their website.

How to learn new skill remotely During Pandemic

3. Print Design

Everyone is looking to improve their website’s traffic nowadays, and the best way to do it is through a digital environment. However, some clients and companies still prefer offline marketing campaigns since they may find them more effective considering their audience. We must agree that print media is still essential in the design industry. A good place that you could learn print design remotely is SkillShare and you can get started immediately for free.

4. Web HTML

Unlike in the past where a web designer didn’t need to learn any coding skills, it has become quite essential to learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language) today. HTML enables you to optimize and place your web content which then gives it form and structure. HTML helps you arrange videos, photos, graphics, footers, paragraphs, and so much more. Codeacademy and w3shools are great sites that you could learn HTML remotely today.

5. Digital marketing / SEO

A web graphic designer needs digital marketing skills to help improve their resume. However, the digital marketing industry has exponentially grown in the past couple of years. You need to learn a lot of different things including social media marketing and SEO. Web Savvy Marketing is a great place to start learning Digital marketing remotely.


Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of inconvenience and hardships to everyone, it may be a good time to work and improve on your skills. The above-listed websites provide free resources that you need to take advantage of. Start investing in yourself and growing your skill level today.